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Bath attendance rules

1. During the stay at bathing complex «Arasan» visitors should commit to nuisance in indoors as well as keeping personal and common hygiene.

2. Attending risky areas as bathing, steaming rooms and swimming pool intoxicated is strictly prohibited. In case of suspected signs of intoxication and hangover effect, security team staff has a fight for applying measures as banning from entry or call the law enforcement officer.

3. Eating and drinking in non-dedicated places is prohibited.

4. All areas of the complex are smoking-free. Smoking allowed in special allotted places.

5. Temperature condition is strictly controlled by bathing complex staff.

6. Kindly ask you to be polite in respect to bathing complex staff.

7. For violation of the visiting rules, public order, rude attitude to the staff of the complex "Arasan", the destruction or damage of property of the complex, failure to comply with safety rules in areas of risk (washing room, steaming room, swimming pool) administration or security staff has every right to warn, or remove an destructive guest them without compensation the cost for visiting the bath complex and services.

8. It is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor about your health before visiting the baths.

9. Children can attend the territory of "Arasan" complex from 4 to 18 years only with parents, who bear full responsibility for the safety of child while the stay on the territory of the complex "Arasan".

10. Children under 4 years are not allowed on the territory of the complex.

11.  For children aged 4 and upward, a visit to the female or the male bath complex shall be conducted with the obligatory accompaniment of a parent, with due regard being had to the sex of the child.

12. Taking into account the closing time of the bath complex in business days (Tuesday to Sunday) - 11:30 pm, the tickets are sold as follows:

  • 3 hours stay ticketto the bath complex can be boughtnot later than8:10 pm;
  • 2 hours stay ticketto the bath complex can be bought not later than 9:10 pm;
  • 1 hour stay ticketto the bath complex can be bought not later than 10:10 pm.

13. The issued bracelet can be substitutedwith a new one only if the electronic lock is faulty in the locker of the locker room.

14. On catching delay in the bath complex, as of paid time, there shall be paid the late fee for each minute past the deadline, in the amount of 30 KZT/min. on weekdays, and 40 KZT/min at the weekend.

15.  In case there are queues at the checkout exit, in order to stop staying time count, put the bracelet twice against the reader located on the wall near the cash register (right or left).

16. Self-performed hair dyeing, shaving and nail trimming in the bath complex are strictly prohibited. The due penalty shall be imposed in case of this rule violation.

17. It is strictly prohibited to clean/polish the shoes with the rented accessories.

18.  For the damage to the accessories rented in «Arasan» complex resulting in dye stains or the accessory integrity violation, the due fine shall be imposed.

19.  In order to avoid falling and injury, it is recommended to use open toe and open back shoes, the top of which protects the rear of the metatarsophalangeal articulation of the foot.

20. Observe silence in the hall of Eastern Section of the bath complex.

21. It is strictly prohibited to usethe scales installed in the bath complexwith shoes on.

22. On catching delay in the bath complex, as of,the officially stipulated closing time set in accordancewith the business hours of Arasancomplex, taking into account the delay within 30 minutes (11:30 pm - 12:00 am), a fine of 5,000 KZT is imposed, regardless of the number of the minutesdelayed.

23. In the locker rooms of the male branch of the bath complex there are installed CCTV cameras for the purpose of the overall safety and security of the personal belongings of the guests.Thevideorecordsarestrictlyconfidential. Access to the recordsis provided exclusively to law enforcement officials in the event of emergency situations.The records of the cameras shall bestored for two weeks and are used as an evidence for the non-routine situationsanalysis.

24. Complex visitors on a paid basis have a right to place personal automobile in the parking of Arasan Wellnes & Spa, only for the time being in the bath complex.

25. The administration of the «Arasan» complex is not responsible for any accidents resulting from non-compliance with the established customer code of safety, and earnestly ask sto follow these recommendations and rules.


Terms of personal belongings storage.

1. When visiting the bathing-health complex "Arasan" a guest must leave the outdoor clothing in the wardrobe, and personal items and clothes store in a closet of the dressing room.

2. Valuable things, including mobile phones and money, have to be handed over in the left-luggage office located on reception of the 1st floor of the bathing-health complex. Storage services are free of charge.

3. For damage, loss, shortage of things and the valuable property left by the visitor out of a left-luggage office (left unguarded, in cases of locker rooms, etc.), the “Arasan” Complex is irresponsible.

4. The Arasan complex doesn't bear responsibility for safety of the cars left near the building or on the parking nearby the bathing-health complex "Arasan".


Instructions for using the locker rooms, shower, washing zones.

1. Not to leave garbage in cases, on benches.

2.  Not to leave the things in open cases unguarded.

3.  Not to use bathing accessories (sheets, bathropes, kerchiefs, slates) inappropriately.

4. In rooms (a locker rooms, washing rooms, shower, massage rooms, steaming rooms, swimming pools) it isn't allowed to put sheets on a floor.

5. Don't forget your belongings.

6. It is forbidden to take out property of the bathing-health complex "Arasan" from the building.



Instructions for using the services of the massage room

1. Massage services aren't rendered in case a visitor has following general contra-indications to massage:

 - Sharp and chronic diseases of skin, visceral organs, existence of open wounds and ulcers, acute allergic reactions;

- Inflammation of lymphatic vessels and knots;

- Tubercular process of any localization in an active stage;

- Infectious diseases;

- Pregnancy.

2. The visitors breaking the rules of using the services in the massage room of the bathing-health complex lose a right for using these services until the end of a session.


Instructions for visiting the steaming rooms

1. Before visiting the steaming room it is recommended to have a consultation of physician for existence of contraindications.

2.  Before visiting the steaming room it is recommended to take a warm shower. Then to be rubbed off, the head isn't recommended to be wetted.

3.  Benches in steaming rooms are located at various heights. Choose the height where air temperature to you is most comfortable.

4.  Duration of stay in steaming rooms depends on a state of health and opportunities of your organism.

5. When going to the steaming room it is recommended to cover the head with cotton cap in order to avoid an overheat of vessels of the head.

6.  Be careful with the hot furnace.

7. After heating up it is recommended cooling gradually, take a contrast shower, will plunge into the chilly pool.

8. Rapid change of temperature is unsafe for health. Don't take too hot or cold showers before restore the normal body temperature and a blood pressure after a steam room.

9. To avoid damage being caused to the heating equipment of the Russian steam room, it is strictly prohibited to add water to the boiler. It is possible exclusively for the steam room attendant to regulate water supply. The due penalty shall be imposed in case of this rule violation.

10. It is forbidden to enter the Finnish steam room in slippers. Please leave the slippers in front of the entrance to the Finnish steam room.

11.  It is forbidden to pour on an electro-fireplace not divorced essential oils and other aromatic liquids the Finnish steam room.

12.  The use of scrubs, masks and other means of care in the steam rooms is prohibited.

13.  Entering the Turkish steam bath with bath besoms is strictly prohibited. Please use bath besoms in the Russian steam room only.

14  It is prohibited to prevent the door to the steam room from being closed by means of any objects, this leading to the temperature regime disturbance. The due penalty shall be imposed in case of this rule violation.

15  It is forbidden to visit a steaming room:

- Within 30 minutes after intensive physical activities;

- Lless than in 1,5-2 hours after large portion of meal;

- On an empty stomach;

- Intoxicated;

- In case of having pustules and contagious diseases;

- In case of any indisposition.


Instructions for using the swimming pool

1. It is obligatory to have a shower with soap and shower pouf before visiting the swimming pool.

2.  We ask you to be attentive and cautious as maximum as possible – washing area, shower, steaming room and swimming pool stairs fool can be slick. We earnestly ask you to hold on and put on crocs.

3.  Swimming in the pool is allowed in single-use swimwear or naked. Be sure to use a single-use swim cap. Swimming in underwear, swimming shorts and swim briefs is prohibited

4.  Swimming pool water handling is carried out in compliance with rules and standards required for swimming pools. The complex disclaims all liability in case the water in pool disrupted due to negligence of rules of personal hygiene by visitors.

5.  Absolute contradictions:

- Benign and malignant neoplasms of different locations, osteomyelitis, trophic ulcers, atherosclerosis of peripheric vessel, thromboangitis coupled with arteriosclerosis of cerebral vessels, accompanied by cerebral crisis;

- Aneurysm of vessels, aorta and heart; thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, perfusion insufficiency of stage 3, valvular heart diseases in decompensation stage, acute ischemia of myocardia, originated unexpected;

- Expressions a sclerosis of brain vessels with bent to thromboses and hemorrhages, bronchial tube an ectatic illness in a stage of fabric disintegration, pulmonary heart failure of the third degree, acute cardiovascular failure, lung hypostasis, renal and liver failure, active forms of tuberculosis, venereal diseases, mental diseases with excessive excitement and considerable the changed mentality.

6. Temporary contraindications:

various diseases of skin, nails, hairy part of the head of the infectious, fungal and obscure etiology, various skin rashes, ostrovospalitelny damages of skin, purulent processes, inflammation of lymph nodes, vessels, hemorrhages, bleedings (nasal, intestinal ways, uterine), allergic diseases, high temperature of a body, sharp inflammatory processes, hypertensive or hypotonic crises, nausea, vomiting, heartaches, acute respiratory diseases within two-five days after them, the general serious conditions at various diseases and injuries.

7. Local contraindications:

warts, damages, irritations of skin, a graze and a crack, neurodermatitises, eczemas, local increase and morbidity of lymph nodes, a considerable varicosity with trophic violations, mastopathy;

lumbar zone and stomach – an ovary cyst, an endometritis, morbidity at a stomach palpation (at various diseases), diseases of abdominal organs with bent to bleeding, after bleedings in connection with stomach ulcer), and also caused by diseases of a female genital or a trauma, periods, pregnancy. Women have two months during the postnatal period.

The administration of the Arasan complex disclaims responsibility for the accidents due to neglecting the established safety rules by client and kindly asks to follow recommendations and the rules.

Wish you a pleasant stay!