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A scope of services offered by Arasan Wellness & SPA beauty room includes massage.

A human body faces with stressing pressure from the downsides of the modern lifestyle. We usually neglect keeping body position on the right way during working hours with computer.  This rife with consequences where we stand in need of professional massage. Medical massage – ultimate way for prevention many diseases. Massage stimulates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, relieve the stress, and eliminates muscle spasm.

A partial massage is ideal for giving consideration on a particular part of body, here are types: back massage, head massage, massage for legs, hand massage or half-body massage, or choose a full body massage for total deep relaxation and common health promotion.

An anticellulite massage helps   to get rid of «orange skin» effect and knock off some extra body volume.

Proper and professional massage from experts of Arasan Wellness & SPA complex would contribute to harmonious development of your child

If you get intrigued in underwater massage  – welcome hydropathic procedures of Arasan Wellness & SPA!

Plenty of relaxation and health-promoting SPA-programs, exotic massage and detoxification procedures are available in Arasan Detox & SPA. Take a look at all of our service units, and certainly find a service special for you!

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