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Exotic SPA-massages

Массаж АрасанEastern massage "Ying-Yan"

2 masseurs - a man and a woman will allow you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary atmosphere of relaxation. As the "Ying" and "Yang" in ancient Chinese philosophy are an expression of the interaction of extremes, as the interaction of male and female energy of masseurs has the wonderful, mysterious force. Masseurs use their elbows and forearms for this procedure. This massage stimulates the natural flow of energy within the body, it combines lymphatic drainage and meticulous work with the muscles, perfectly removes the puffiness, normalizes the metabolism, tones the skin. Stress and tension disappear and you are full of new energy that fills body.

Tibetan burny massage

Quite unusual procedure combining the massage movements and warming up by fire. This massage increases temperature under skin, warms up deep muscles, cleans spasms and improves local blood circulation. It is recommended to the people wishing to lose excess weight thanks to the fat burning ability. In Tibet in the birthplace of this technology of massage has been thought up, it is used for clarification of aura of the person by force of fire and filling by positive energy.

Chinese shiatsu massage (point massage) 

One of the most effective treatments for a wide range of diseases without medicines. Massage normalizes blood circulation and strengthens the protective potential of an organism. The massage therapist works with power channels (meridians) on which, according to traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, vital energy of Qi circulates in an organism. Influencing the biological and active points located along meridians, the massage therapist sends power impulses to bodies and systems of an organism. Thanks to the directed deep influence, massage renders the complex revitalizing effect.

Massage with oranges "Orange Pleasure"

Relaxing SPA massage for all body with authentic oranges. At direct contact of orange with skin there is almost instant absorption of necessary amount of amino acids and other nutrients in problem zones of your body. The result of such massage won't keep itself waiting long. Just after third procedure you will feel how excess centimeters "thaw" literally in the eyes!

Bali massage

This type of massage is aimed at deep muscular influence. This technique allows to get rid of a stressful state, nervous breakdowns, to remove stress of muscles of all body. Bali massage is suitable for treatments in sports injuries, migraines, and insomnia.

Stone massage

Therapy by hot stones, promotes achievement of a deep relaxation, harmonization of internal state, reduces stress and tension. Heat of stones stimulates blood circulation and a metabolism at the expense of what cells of a body are actively supplied with oxygen and necessary nutrients. The weight of stones and manual massage of soft skin tissues promotes strengthening the lymph circulation, products of disintegration and a metabolism are quicker removed, there is an organism detoxication. Stone - therapy promotes production of hormones of pleasure - endorphins.

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