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SPA по немецкой методике

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage has the powerful revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on all organism, increases lymph flow speed by 8 times owing to what bodies and fabrics get rid of products of disintegration, toxins and slags quicker. As a result of a detoxication and stimulation of blood circulation bodies and skin tissues receive more nutrients and oxygen why work of an organism in general improves. The metabolism accelerates that naturally leads to process of fat loss. The excess intercellular liquid which is one of the reasons of developing of cellulitis is removed. The smooth slow rhythmical movements well influence nervous system, removing a physical and nervous stress.

Body sculpturing "Figure molding"

One of the most effective methods of creation of beautiful forms. The professional massage therapist, applying technology of sculpturing massage, can "mold" your body once from the very beginning. You will get rid of flabbiness of skin, her state considerably will improve; muscles of a body will become much more more tightened; will significantly decrease or cellulitis will  completely disappear; problem parts of the body will decrease in volume; your body will get accurate contours and a beautiful silhouette.

General classical massage

General classical massage improves lympho-and blood circulation, accelerates a metabolism, promotes active saturation of muscles and skin tissues with oxygen, eliminates muscular spasms, clips and power blocks, intensifies production of own collagen and elastin, increases the level of endorphins in blood, removes a nervous tension, a stress, fatigue, increases working capacity, promotes weight loss.

Medical massage

The general massage of a body with paying a special attention for the painful part of a body and impacting on acupuncture points of a guest.

Anti-stress massage

Fine means for a deep relaxation. Procedure is urged to stabilize nervous system. In the course of a session the concern disappears, the feeling of fatigue leaves, blood circulation is stimulated. Upon termination of a session you will feel ease and pleasant relaxation, the mood will improve, and working capacity will rise by new level.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage combines useful effect of methods of massage with effect of the aromatic substances coming to a human body through skin and by inhalation. Complex influence of two of these techniques allows strengthening advantage of each of them. Massage stimulates a metabolism, liquidates developments of stagnation, improves texture of skin, has the general revitalizing effect, and aromatic substances possess antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties. Procedure perfectly reduces stress, improves mood and strengthens protective functions of an organism.

Mix massage

It is the combined massage including methods of the Thai massage, sweden relax massage, massage of deep tissues (Deep Tissue Massage), elements kinesia and reflexotherapies, yogi massage and a chi kung. Technicians of the East and the West merge together in this revitalizing and fantastically pleasant procedure. The combination of individually picked up techniques of massage allows reaching the necessary effect quickly.

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