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A list of services of ArasanWellness& SPA hydropath includes a well-known procedure named hydrocolonotherapy, which eliminates toxins and wastes out of the body.

A procedure of hydrocolonotherapy is simply described as following: a specialized device «HS-2000» (Spanish manufacture) through rectal run into intestinal tract with nonreusable end cap pump water. It has 2 pipes, one for pumping distilled water another for bleeding-off. A water bleed-off wastes as toxins, blenna and fecal tumors. Sometimes, if intestinal tract heavily slagged6 loss of weight can be noticed. 

Everyone knows that if intestinal tract operates properly, it brings about healthy feeling, skin, hyperimmunity and even cheerful mind.

In case of suffering from various skin problems, having cold often, flush and many other gastrointestinal disorders better to consult with physycain for having treatment course of  hydrocolonotherapy. Direction for hydrocolonotherapy, which is a deep purification of intestinal tract, cannot be made self-determined!

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