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Balneological bathes

Valerian or melissa

Calming and relaxing effect


Removal of puffiness and fatigue, the strengthening of veins which brings toning effect on all the body

Rosemary or lavender

When nervous exhaustion, loss of strength, when total lack of energy for blood circulation stimulation restoration of internal tranquility


Bring about anti-inflammatory and toning effect on skin health and body at all and restores a central nervous system


Have a beneficial effect on all the body, efficiency is determined by availability of mineral substances, removes stress and irritation, accelerates a metabolism, assists for weight loss, gives to skin special elasticity and delightful velvet.


Antler bath

(Antlers are the young neogrowing stiff horns of the Maral consisting of 18 amino acids) Rejuvenation of a body, improving an immunity, normalization of pressure, increase of a potentiality (at men and women) promote weight reduction and skin health.


Underwater shower massage
Manual aqua massage under water is perfect for fast weight loss, correction of a figure, disposal of fatty deposits and cellulitis, as well as it improves overall health, normalizes a metabolism, brings slags out of an organism.

Hydro massage bath

It is an underwater massage, which provides to get second wind, boosts immunity, strengthens vessel walls, skin mineral balance recovers.


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