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Shower department

Charcot’s douche (power shower)

This procedure improves blood circulation, fortifies the immune system, stimulating brain cord and pith. This kind of shower is widely used for anti-cellulite and obesity care. It has a knack for relaxation of nervous strain and triggering the mechanism of regeneration and rejuvenation of the whole body.

Vichy shower

It is capable to exert an influence on body for toning it up and strengthen the health. It bring a contribution for disposing toxins out of body, improves blood circulation and  oxygen metabolism, perfectly deal with relaxing the stress and brings about total sedative effect. It is an ideal way of fighting with cellulite and excess weight.

Circular douche

Well-liked treatment procedure. This procedure smoothens irritancy, relieve stress, fights with insomnia, cellulite activates the process of fat loss.

Rising douche

Rising douche practices in therapy of pelvic organs, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens pelvis muscles, sustain neutralization of inflammation area.

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