Great way to spend a few hours. Access to the main saunas/room is on a timed basis. Going over your time will incur a penalty per minute. You are «compelled» to purchase an additional set of slippers and sheet, but I saw plenty of others with their own things and towels so you can avoid this. The lockers are electronically accessed by your wristband. This is also used to charge you for various services, and if you buy things from the bar. The standard fee gets you access to the saunas and pool. There is Finnish — which seems to be your standard dry heat sauna most of us In the West would’ve come across; Russian — which seems hotter and more humid than the Finnish and Turkish -.which has a large amount of steam. The «Moroccan bath» is downstairs and consists of another Turkish steam room and 2 other rooms with heated floors for people to lie on. People either bring in their own branches of leaves to hit each other with or (I guess?) you can pay the attendants to do it for you. The pool is relatively cold…perhaps a little bit too much for comfort. As previously mentioned, most people are wandering stalkers which is quite liberating! Just don’t be freaked out by naked men sprawled everywhere.