At reception I requested an English speaker which made it all easy. In my opinion take the massage option as it appears to come with no time limit .You are also required to pay for slippers, towels and/or a half sheet. The more you take the more you pay.In future I would bring a towel to use on finishing. I was allocated my masseur who directs if you are a first timer like I was. The lockers appear to be secure using an electronic bracelet . This bracelet is your ID and may be scanned by staff during your visit. Naked is norm from now although I did observe one or two people in board shorts.This is a family day spa out so expect males of all ages. The masseur must be paid per client as he was fairly keen (but not pushy) to get me through a shortish sauna and then on to the marble bench in the shower room for one of the best soap massages I have experienced.I was offered a body scrub by some other guys but refused .You would be scanned and pay on exit. After that it was a rotation between the three saunas , cold bucket showers and the plunge pool.This is where you need the extra time . Three hours is easily the minimum time required for this SPA experience. Next time I would hire the felt hat and purchase the leaves for the Russian sauna experience.. I attended at about 11:00 am on a week day during summer. it may be busy at other times. easily an excellent rating..