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About us

Recreation complex Arasan Wellness & SPA is happy to swing to you its doors open into the world of health, tranquility and serenity.

The word «arasan» means «pure water-hole» in Kazakh language. Arasan Wellness & SPA – indeed an ever-living fountain of youth, beauty and health. A majestic building of the complex is a heritage-listed building and protected by government.  Constructed in 1979–1982, the building of the complex is a ranked among the most unique sightseeing places of Almaty, and won the hearts of South Capital guests from the first sight.

Worlds the most outstanding engineers were involved on reconstruction and modernization works of the recreation complex Arasan Wellness & SPA, and total renovation was completed in 2014.

Today Arasan Wellness & SPA – is not only a luxurious interior, it is also a brainchild of modern engineering constructions. Unique technology coupled with architectural traditions of the East empowers the complex Arasan Wellness & SPA with the exclusivity and uniqueness. Interior finish of the complex is made solely from natural stones and marble, which is worth-full not only for aesthetic fineness so for antiseptic property.   

Splendid sophistication of the interior, immaculateness, highly qualified service, oriental flavour, hard-and-fast guidelines of healthy lifestyle – short sketches of out rest and recreation complex, which for over 30 years gives its visitors perfect feeling, cheerful spirit and satisfactory mood!

Guests make a right decision by choosing Arasan Wellness & SPA as one of the must to visit sightseeing places of Almaty. Start your holidays in Almaty just here!

Arasan Wellness & SPA – a real palace of relaxation and cheerful mind, if you once visit then become obsessed to back again and again. It is a full-fledged infrastructure of the recreation, health and beauty! Arasan Wellness & SPA includes bathing complex, bath suite-rooms, hydropathic, department for detoxification programs, SPA-care and exotic massage, beauty studio, lobby-bar and SPA-boutique!