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Bathing complex

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Инструкции и примечания

Bathing complex

Modernized bathing complex Arasan Wellness & SPA preserves classical traditions of the best bath house in the country. The building of the bathing complex lived out unequalled skills of architects and centuries-long world experience in construction of operational use of bathing houses - here everything thought out to the last detail. Bathing complex consists of two divisions  - men and women, every part has three types of bathing rooms. Russian bath, Finnish sauna bath and Turkish bath (hammam) as well as swimming pool filled with crystal-clear water of our own artesian well are available for you. Swimming pool water systematically refreshed. Testing and screening water for hardness and chlorinity is conducted on hourly basis and top ranked disinfection methods are used.

Airy room of women division of the bathing complex is capable to manage simultaneous comfortable rest for 230 lovers of the hot bath steam and heal-giving property of the water. Men’s division is more spacious, it is designed for simultaneous stay of 270 male guests.

While being in bathing complex You are welcomed to get additional services of SPA-care, as having a steam bath with switches, peeling, wrap procedures, massage and cosmetologist services. Find more about these services in section «Prices».

In case you prefer family recreation, or with friends, colleagues, also if you want to celebrate a special event  - Arasan Wellness & SPA complex offers bathing lux-accommodation and every of them is capable to comply with any request of the most demanding customers. You may select in compliance with your own special preference. You are offered:

Russian bathing room;

Finnish bathing room;

Mixed bathing room (dry steamed or wet steamed, up to the choice of the guest);

Turkish bathing room;

Japanese bathing room.


Air temperature, °C

Relative humidity, %

Russian bathing room


not lower than 80%

Finnish bathing room


not lower than 15%

Turkish bathing room


not lower than 80%

Russian bath

Any bath is desired, any bath is essential! Every bathing lover prefers something different, special. Russian bath – unlike with hot and wet steam-room. It is pretty tricky to stay long in Russian steam-room – scorching hot: even amongst Russian bath lovers run competitions for durability. However in ordinary life we recommend play it safe – it is must to be guided by own body demand to avoid harm for your health. Russian bath provide a way to clear out skin pores due to high temperature and humidity and active, body liquid revitalizing comes actively under way.

Bath switches are all the rage. Fore dried switches are made of haling herbs (as betula, lime tree, cade and etc.) are put into sweat then used as flap massage on steamed body with tapping motion. Therewith, along with mechanical massage body absorbs health giving properties of herbs owing to opened by steam skin pores.

There are different techniques of using switches in the steam-room and to take full advantages and comfort we recommend employ services of professional bath keepers of Arasan Wellness & SPA complex.

Bathing switches, as well as other various bathroom supplies are offered in minimarket of Arasan Wellness & SPA.

A procedure of contrast cycling of temperature provides beneficial effect for the skin, health and mental state. Shower area is in a short distance from steam-rooms of Arasan Wellness & SPA and equipped with designed water pod for cold douche for lightning-fast cooldown heated body right after leaving the steam-room.

A body steamed in Russian bath is ideal to get the most out of the massage. Masterful massage therapists od Arasan Wellness & SPA complex will be pleased to make a contribution to Your recreation: additional services of Arasan Wellness & SPA complex lists wide range of various massage.   

Russian bath is an excellent helping hand for treatments of different health.

Every heating stove of Russian bath in complex Arasan Wellness & SPA consists of cast-iron pigs by 9 tones, during the period from 11:00pm till 6:30am heated by candle up to 500°C. Physical characteristics of an iron enable to hold heat for a long time. A whole day long after night heating of candles carry off of heat for our guests – lovers of Russian bath. In contrast to this heating method, Russian bath burn wood way of heating – less maintainable and more eco-friendly. The best Russian bath of Arasan Wellness & SPA complex is open for guests every day, except every Monday from 07:00am till 23:30. Welcome to Arasan Wellness & SPA!

Finnish bath

Finnish bath is distinguished with its dry hot air. Dry heat of Finnish bath, despite a higher temperature is usually gentle for body in contrast with wet steamed Russian bath. Switches are not suitable for this bath as herbs leaves would shed from drying up.

If you cannot cope with humid tropical climate then Finnish bath is right for you.

Unlike Russian bath, where burning-hot cast iron is hided inside the heating stove, heat boiler allows stones stay open and warm an air.

Right after Finnish steam-room the same with Russian bath, You can cooldown in swimming pool or pour cold water on yourself from special cable tub filled with chilled water.

Contrast hydrotherapy makes vessels constrict and engorge, which brings about positive impacts on vascular tone as well as skin health.

Turkish bath

In case Russian and Finnish bathes conditions are strong for You – Turkish hammam would suit best. Outstanding features of Turkish hammam are high humidity and relatively lower temperature level.

White dense warm stream of hammam tenderly muffles You up. Comfortably heated walls and sufu of hammam kill muscle tense, so you unconsciously sink into a state of inner peace and tranquility.

Turkish bath humid steam perfectly hydrates skin, and a warm air relaxes and recreates your body.

Swimming pool

Men and Women divisions of bathing complex Arasan Wellness & SPA completed with swimming pools filled crystal-clean water from our own artesian well. Swimming pools equipped with up-to-date water filtration and cleansing systems. Water samples from swimming pool get inspected for chlorinity and water hardness on hourly basis.

Depth of pools is 160 sm.

Bathing house in combination with swimming pool is a real catch amongst plenty of leisure activities. It makes possible to get some rest together with health-promoting activities. Sousing over head in cold water right after heating up in steaming room – perfect bliss! Over and above it gives an advantage to keep vascular tone up. Skin is grateful for temperature shifts either – it lifts up and  tightness enhances.

Bath Lux-rooms of Arasan Wellness & SPA complex have swimming pools ideal for small group of friend as well.