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SPA по немецкой методике

Coffee and rice scrubbing

Fragrant fairy for skin. Perfectly tone up a body, promote a metabolism, get toxins out of an organism, clear skin of the horny cages, opens a pores and improves blood circulation, is also irreplaceable method in anti-cellulite issues.

You take great pleasure and aroma of coffee will remain on your skin for a long.


The salt scrubbing "MeineBase"

The salt scrubbing "MeineBase" with powder from 8 semiprecious stones - perfectly peels a skin surface, provides with mineral substances and minerals, the powder-like of semiprecious stones effects on organism in a neutralizing and detoxifying way, thanks to complex mix of 8 mineral.

Regenerating cream-peeling

Granules of natural floral abrasive – peach bone, processed in a special way to avoid hurting the skin produce massage effect. A composition of fruit acids weakens ties between scaly crusts of horny layer so it eases then removal, as the result the processes of natural regeneration enhances. So skin becomes smoother, improves the structure and skin complexion freshens up as well.

Talasso-scrub with the use of blue Clay

 A magnificent combination of the seal salt, shea butter and blue clay would make you shine unprecedentedly, also it activates cell regeneration processes, which results in reducing the cellulite occurrence. It deeply clears the skin pores and  boosts blood circulation.