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Bath suite-rooms

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Bath suite-rooms

Bath suite-rooms of the most remarkable bath complex Arasan Wellness & SPA can be the best place for joint rest suitable for all members of your family, as well as for cheerful heterosexual.

5 types of bathing rooms are at your service:

  • Russian bath;
  • Finnish bath;
  • Mixed bath (dry humid steam up to guest’s option);
  • Japanese bath;
  • Turkish bath (hammam).

There is everything just for You: steaming room, shower, swimming pool, designed for small group of friend, massage table and sitting area. Bar services and any SPA-procedures are provided special for our visitors.  

A temperature in heating stoves of Arasan Wellness & SPA is kept constant due to involvement of state-of-art technologies and qualitative material. Heating stones or cast iron by using gas-burner helps to avoid incomplete burning of hydrocarbons, unexpected temperature fluctuation and wastes as ashes and carbon dust. 

Bath using wood-burning heating system seems more eco-friendly and more natural way, however practically have many disadvantages that bath lovers simply do not know.

Reservation of bath suite-rooms is available online, right via our web-page or by following phone numbers of Arasan Wellness & SPA call-center: +7 (727) 390 10 10